The Clothing Giveaway Program is an outreach effort of Southern Friendship Missionary Baptist Church’s Missions Ministry. The Program offers a “store-like” setting where clean, slightly used and new women’s, men’s and children’s garments and accessories are given away, at no cost, to anyone “in need”. “Need” is defined as anyone who cannot afford to purchase clothing or finds it a financial strain to clothe his/her family. This can be a temporary need during a period of unemployment or budget strain (due to the winter heating costs, unexpected bills or higher medical expenses). In crisis situations, such as loss by fire or flood, or in the case of an abusive situation, the services of the Program can be made immediately available to those in need. Low and fixed income families may also be served by the Program. The Clothing Giveaway Program is available to everyone — in our Church and in the surrounding communities.

Each One, Reach One Food Pantry

Southern Friendship Missionary Baptist Church welcomes you to our Each One, Bless One Food Pantry. Our pantry serves the Prince George County community providing food to the homeless and people and families in transition. Each One, Reach One Mission Statement: We, the people of God at Southern Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, accept as our mission, Jesus’ command to help those in need. Our Purpose is to use our calling and diversity within the body of Christ, to serve God’s people. Our Values are guided by the Holy Spirit, we passionately commit to doing the will of the Lord. Our Vision for the first year is to help 500 or more persons in need of assistance at the food pantry and witness to non-believers. To help everyone who comes through our doors, with loving and open arms, no matter what the situation or circumstance. To let all who receive services know that we, at SFMBC are here to help without judgment.

Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God. Proverbs 14:31 (NIV)

The Temple Hills Coalition of Pastors (TTHCOP)

The purpose of The Temple Hills Coalition of Pastors (TTHCOP) is to have a coalition of pastors in the Temple Hills and surrounding communities joining together to serve the community. Pastor Frankey Grayton is a proud member of TTHCOP.

The National Capitol Baptist Convention


Four Corners International Mission, Inc.