The Altar Worker’s Ministry does just what the title reveals – we work the altar. The altar is the area in the front of the church where congregants come for prayer or to become members of the church. Our role at Southern Friendship is to welcome and minister to those who come to the altar for those reasons. Along with coming to the altar, potential members may also express their desire to join Southern Friendship virtually during the invitation to discipleship. If someone is attending virtually and indicates that they would like to join Southern Friendship, the Altar Worker’s Ministry will reach out to them. Members of the ministry also make themselves available at the end of the worship service to pray with anyone who has a specific need.


The Altar Worker’s Ministry is essential to Southern Friendship because most times we are the first ministry that prospective members come in close contact with when deciding whether to join our church. Therefore, we must be sure to minister with compassion, patience and love. During the ministering process, we assess where a potential member is in their spiritual journey (i.e. a candidate for baptism, coming from another church, rededicating themselves to God). Once the determination is made, we then minster to each person according to their need. If they need to come into a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, we explain to them the plan of salvation and lead them to Christ. If they are coming to rededicate their lives to Christ, we assure them of God’s continued love for them and explain the need for perseverance in the faith. Whatever each individual’s need is, we work to take meet it.


Members of this ministry must have a desire to lead others to Christ and minister to the needs of others. Being a part of this ministry also requires knowing how to explain the Gospel and being able to adequately answer questions regarding salvation, living out one’s Christian faith and be able to explain the various ways to become united with Southern Friendship. Material to use during ministering and Altar Worker training is provided to ensure your success in this ministry.

If you’re interested in being a servant in this ministry, please contact Minister Lady Talita Grayton at or 202-210-2012.

If you’re interested in being a servant in this ministry, please contact

GRAYTON or 202-210-2012