Vacation Bible School 2022


SFMBC will host this year’s Vacation Bible School via Facebook Live. Join us this week, Monday, August 1st through Friday, August 2nd each night at 7pm as we will be Rockin’ Rampage by ‘Trusting God Through Life’s Ups and Downs’!!!!  

Day 1:  God Gives Us Assurance, Exodus 3:7-14
Day 2:  God Gives Us Courage, Esther 4:10-17
Day 3:  God Give Us Wisdom, 1 Kings 3:16-28
Day 4:  God Gives Us Provision, 1 Kings 17:7-18
Day 5:  God Gives Us Guidance, 23:1-6

Follow our Facebook page to attend virtual VBS Live here:

We look forward to seeing you!